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If you are in a hurry and want to find out which is the best portable espresso maker, I’d recommend the Wacaco Picopresso as the best one.

We see many online articles discussing espresso makers for home and cafe owners. However, what about those who have a flair for travel in their blood? What are the best portable espresso makers on the market? What features do they offer? And what features should you be looking for in one?

Read on, and we’ll tell you about the Wacaco Picopresso and what it can do for you. That’s not all, though. We’ve also brought you several options for the six best portable espresso makers.

Best 3 Portable Espresso Makers

Top pick
Wacaco Picopresso
  • Extremely portable
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Double espresso capability
Best value
CONQUECO Portable Espresso Maker
  • Works with electricity
  • Superior usability
  • Easy cleaning
Best by weight
Caflano Kompresso
  • Incredible price
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Superb usability
  • Lightweight

Best Portable Espresso Makers

There are dozens of portable espresso makers out there. After extensive research, we’ve found the best portable espresso makers considering their most essential features.

Keep reading to learn more about them.

Wacaco Picopresso — Best Overall

Garnering excellent reviews from coffee experts worldwide, the Picopresso proves that a big frame isn’t required for making an excellent espresso. The device can fit inside the palm of your hand and provides enough pressure to extract a strong shot. 

However, Picopresso’s crowning achievement is the experience it provides. With no electricity involved, extracting a good cup of coffee depends solely on your skill. The best part is that you can take it anywhere without worrying about damage. Picopresso’s travel case will keep it safe for you. 


Portable— With how small and light the Picopresso is, you can take it anywhere, whether traveling heavy or light. 

Travel-safe— The Picopresso has a travel case that protects it against damage. 

Excellent Espresso— The machine provides 18 bars of extraction pressure, which is enough to pull a strong cup of espresso. 


Difficult to Clean— The Picopresso does not require complete cleaning after every use. However, you have to disassemble, wash, and reassemble the entire machine once a week. This process is very time-consuming. 

Tricky to Use— Using a Picopresso requires skill. You must perfect the art of grinding and tamping coffee, then pulling the espresso. 

If you’re looking for authentic espresso on the road, the Wacaco Picopresso is the machine for you. However, it requires skill to pull a good shot from the machine. If you want a machine that’s easy to use, the Picopresso isn’t what you should be investing in.

CONQUECO Portable Espresso Maker — Best For Price

Featuring a 15 bars espresso extraction process, the Conqueco Portable Cofee maker is next on our list for the best travel espresso maker. The espresso maker is compact—it can fit inside a cup holder—and very easy to clean. 

It features a 12 V battery which powers its automatic brewing system. All you have to do is periodically charge it. 


Superior Extraction Process— The Conqueco espresso maker provides 15 bars of extraction pressure and brews the coffee at 75-80℃. It only takes 6 to 12 minutes to heat up because of its ceramic heating technology, which means no more long waiting times before brewing. 

Easy Cleaning— With the Conqueco coffee maker, cleaning is never a problem. Press the button for 5 seconds to make the machine clean itself. 

Compact and packable— The Conqueco is cylindrical and is so tiny it can fit inside a cup holder. It also comes with an organizing case that you can use to transport it safely. 

Easy to Use— Since it uses electricity, Conqueco is very easy to use. Simply press a button and extract your espresso. 


Needs to Be Charged— Unlike the Picopresso, the Conqueco needs electricity. It would be best to charge the machine before traveling—it takes 2.5 hours to charge. The good part is that it comes with a car and a home charger. 

The Conqueco is easy to use and clean, making it perfect for newbies. However, it requires charging, so there are better espresso makers for camping.

Caflano Kompresso—Best by Weight

The Caflano Kompresso weighs only 178 g, which makes it light enough to throw into a handbag. However, the machine’s lack of weight doesn’t reduce its espresso-making abilities. The Kompresso can provide 9 bars of constant pressure, making for some seriously creamy espresso. 


Light and compact—Measuring only 178 g, the Kompresso can fit anywhere. The best part is that you can break it apart and store the pieces separately to save space. 

Easy to Clean— The Kompresso has a plastic body and is made up of parts that are easy to clean. No small pieces can gather dirt and give you a hard time during cleaning. 

Superb usability— You get everything you need to use the Kompresso on purchase, including a tamper. Simply add your filtered water to the machine, with ground coffee in the filter basket. Then press down on the espresso maker using both hands to extract your espresso anywhere. 


Requires a Lot of Pressure— Espresso is extracted at high pressures, so you must apply a lot of force in the extraction. 

The Caflano Kompresso is the ideal camping coffee maker. It requires no charging and is both easy to use and clean. However, it is challenging on the hands. You might want to look at another machine if you’re not one for a workout. 

Wacaco Nanopresso

Another hit by Wacaco, the Nanopresso, is another name in the list of best portable espresso makers. Measuring 6.4 inches long and weighing only 336 g, the Nanopresso is perfect for people looking for something less expensive than the Picopresso. 

With an advanced brewing system, the Nanopresso can deliver up to 18 bars of pressure while reducing the force required by hand. It also offers everything we love in portable coffee makers: it requires no charging, is easy to clean and store, and can make a fantastic cup of espresso. 


Easy Brewing— The Nanopresso extracts espresso at 18 bars of pressure, but the machine does most of the work. The force you need to apply has been reduced by 15%, making the Nanopresso easier to use. 

Works on the Go— The Nanopresso requires no electricity, so you can use it anywhere. It also comes with a detachable cup so you can enjoy your coffee quickly. 

Straightforward cleaning process— Wacaco worked on the Nanopresso’s design and made its components easily detachable. This makes cleaning a breeze. 


Requires Warm-Up— Since the Nanopresso uses no electricity, you need to add boiling water to it a few times to warm it up before extraction. 

The Wacaco Nanopresso is another excellent espresso machine. It is easy to use and store, making it easy to travel. However, it needs time to warm up before brewing. If you’re a biker or somebody who can only spare a little bit of time, the Nanopresso differs from what you need.

Fellow Prismo (for AeroPress)

Fello Prismo is an attachment for AeroPress that allows you to make coffee that is very similar to an espresso shot. AeroPress itself cannot make espresso, but the Fellow Prismo is a sealed attachment. It holds back the water to create a more immersive brew, and you have to push down on the machine to release the pressure. This makes a brew very similar to espresso in strength and consistency. 

An AeroPress is one of the best portable coffee machines out there. With a Fellow Prismo attachment, you get all the benefits of an Aeropress with the flavor and consistency of authentic espresso. 


Very Cheap—The Fellow Prismo attachment costs less than $40, making it easy on the pockets. 

Easier to Use—With a Fellow Prismo attachment, there is no need to use any filter paper. Its filter stops sludge and gives you clean, smooth coffee. 

Easy to Clean— Remove the attachment and discard the puck once you’ve pulled your espresso shot. Then wash it with soap water and allow it to dry before using it again. 


Not a Machine itself—The Fellow Prismo is an attachment for the AeroPress portable coffee maker. It cannot work by itself or with any other machine. 

If you’re an AeroPress owner who wants to make good espresso, there is nothing better than the Fellow Prisma. However, the attachment is only useful for some who own an AeroPress coffeemaker.

Flair Signature Espresso Maker

The list of the best portable espresso makers can only be complete by mentioning the Flair Signature espresso maker. One of the best portable machines on the market, this beauty by Flair comes in three colors: brushed chrome, matte black, and white. What makes the Flair espresso maker so unique? Not only is the machine a sight to behold, but it also makes espresso that can rival any commercial machine. 


2-in-1 Portafilter—The Flair signature espresso maker comes with a two-in-one portafilter. This allows both spouted and bottomless(naked) brewing. 

Easy to Clean—Since it has no small parts or plugs that need special attention, the machine gives you no trouble during cleaning. It also features a detachable brewing head, making the whole process even more accessible. 

Quality Espresso— The Flair espresso machine provides 6 to 9 bars of extraction pressure to make excellent espresso. It also comes with a piston stem and a steel plunger to help you along the way. 

Completely Portable— You can completely break down the machine and store it in its unique carrying case. This will allow you to take it anywhere. 


Needs a Little Getting Used To— The Flair espresso maker operates entirely by hand. Understanding the machine and perfecting your brew will take some time.

How to buy the best portable espresso maker

A portable espresso maker is perfect for traveling and having good coffee. However, what makes a good espresso maker for traveling? What features should you be looking for? And what benefits should you be expecting? 

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or somebody just starting, we’ve discussed all you need to look for in a good machine below. 

Size and Weight

If you’re looking for a coffee maker you can travel with, you need to ensure it is both compact ad lightweight. The smallest espresso makers on the market measure just a little above 6 inches in length. Even if you can’t find an espresso maker that small, don’t go for anything over 10 inches. That size will make it impossible to store the coffee maker in most places, thus defeating the entire purpose of the purchase. 

The lighter your espresso maker, the more freely you can carry it. When talking about weight, you want an espresso maker that weighs under 500g. The best portable espresso makers weigh under 200g, but a 300-400g weight is good enough. Just be sure to go as light as you can. 

Build and Features

When discussing portable espresso makers, charging is a big concern. Go for an espresso maker with the largest battery life and the shortest charging time. However, a manual espresso maker is an even better choice. You never have to worry about charging and can simply use your hands to make espresso. 

Both of these types have their advantages and disadvantages. Manual espresso makers can be used anywhere but must be warmed up with boiling water. With an electric espresso maker, you can simply press a button and have the machine do all the work for you. 

Here, the extraction pressure makes a lot of difference too. A good espresso machine should provide at least 9 bars of pressure for extraction. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Plastic espresso makers are the best traveling option because plastic is light and sturdy. There is little to no chance of damage to the machine. 

Additionally, avoid a machine that needs to be broken down to be cleaned. Here, electric espresso makers have an advantage. You don’t have to break the machine down and scrub each part. The machine cleans itself. 

What They Come With

An excellent portable espresso maker should always come with a heavy-duty traveling case so you can carry it safely. Additionally, having a detachable cup is another advantage. If you’re going for a chargeable espresso maker, you need one with home and car chargers. A good company will ensure your espresso maker can be charged on the go, especially since it is marketed as portable. 

The Warranty

A warranty is another thing to look out for. This is particularly important for expensive products. Always ensure your products come with a warranty. This will protect your investment and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your travel easily. 

Conclusion: Best Portable Espresso

The Wacaco Picopresso is the best portable coffee maker out there. It is not only compact and lightweight, but its advanced brewing system ensures its coffee can rival any cup made by a heavy-weight coffee machine.

We hope our review helped you find your favorite espresso maker for travel. Next time you hit the road, you’ll be ready to dial in an espresso for sure!

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