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This is our comparison of the Jura D6 vs. E8.

Jura is famous for its coffee makers, and the brand has repeatedly proven that it’s worth the hype. Their machines are made to ensure a fantastic user experience, and Jura is constantly improving their technology. 

Every series by the brand is famous, but nothing comes close to the E8, except the D6. You’re in the right place if you’re wondering which one’s better for your needs. 

This article will compare the two models in detail to decide which one is the best. 

At a Glance: Does the Jura E8 Beat the Jura D6?

Jura E8
  • Espresso quality: G3 Aroma grinder and P.E.P coffee brewing technology for outstanding taste
  • Versatility: 17 specialty coffees and more temperature adjustments
  • User Interface: Color screen display and compatible with Jura’s Smart Connect app
  • Value: A price tag over 2K!
Jura D6
  • Espresso quality: Reliable P.E.P coffee brewing system
  • Versatility: 4 coffee strength options and 7 specialty coffees
  • User Interface: Buttons and rotary dial
  • Value: Around 1K cheaper than the E8

Different machines prove perfect for people with specific needs. The Jura E8 and D6 make barista-quality drinks, but the E8 has more features. The most prominent of these features are:

  • Ten more coffee specialties.
  • Six more levels of coffee strength.
  • One more level of temperature control. 

However, if you’re looking for a sturdy machine for home use, the D6 might prove better. It’s lighter—the E8 is 7.29 pounds heavier—more compact, and costs about $1500 less than the E8.

 The display option is another difference between the two. The E8 has a digital, colored display that operates with touch. D6, on the other hand, has a digital text display with a rotary dial to control the machine. A colored screen is a nice perk, but it isn’t necessary for a good coffee machine.  

You still get Jura’s famous pulse extraction process in the D6, which promises strong and flavorful coffee. You don’t get as many choices for your brew, which isn’t something everybody needs or wants. 

The E8 wins by a mile from the D6 regarding innovation, control options, and performance. However, the D6 is a good machine for any coffee lover’s home.

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Jura D6 Vs. E8: Comparison

Jura D6Jura E8
BodyPlasticStainless steel and plastic
Brewing SystemPEP Brewing SystemPEP Brewing System
GrinderAroma G2 GrinderAroma G3 grinder
Measurement16.3 x 11 x 13.6 Inches17.3 x 11 x 13.8 Inches
Weight19.2 Pounds26.49 Pounds
Number of Specialties717
Levels of Temperature Control23
Levels of Coffee Strength410
Coffee Doser Capacity200g280g
Water Tank Capacity0.42 gallons0.42 gallons
DisplayAnalog text displayTFT Color Display
ControlsButtons and Rotary dialButtons and Touchscreen

Jura D6 Overview

Measuring 16.3 x 11 x 13.6 inches, the D6 is a solid machine for any home. It has an analog text display and a rotary dial that allows you to control the device. You get seven different coffee specialties, four levels of coffee strength, and two levels of temperature control.

The Jura D6 has everything an excellent automatic espresso machine should have: a built-in grinder, milk frother, and an automatic cleaning and decalcifying system. Even though the machine’s body is made to be durable—a mix of stainless steel and ABS plastic—it is lightweight and compact. All in all, it is the perfect super-automatic espresso machine on a budget. 


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Compact in size
  • Easy on the pocket


  • Less temperature control settings
  • Analog display
  • Only two color options

Jura E8 Overview

Jura E8 Chrome

The Jura E8 is dubbed the best automatic espresso maker and lives up to its reputation. The machine can make up to 17 different types of coffee with Jura’s famous pulse extraction process brewing system. 

It is constructed to make a perfect cup of coffee and significantly improve user experience. It also comes with ten different levels of coffee strength—the D6 has only four—and three levels of temperature control. The machine is silent working, and Jura has put in a lot of brain and effort to make it easy to clean. You can also operate the entire machine with just a click on the touch screen. 


  • More temperature control options
  • More color options
  • Touchscreen
  • More coffee specialties


  • Heavy
  • More expensive
  • Less durable
  • Takes up more space

Jura E8 vs. Jura D6: Things to Consider

The name Jura with any machine is enough to promise a good investment. The brand puts considerable effort into all its models and always looks for ways to improve. The Jura D6 and the Jura E8 are two favorite customer machines from the brand. If you are thinking of investing in one of these beauties, here’s all you need to think about. 

Commercial or Domestic?

Are you looking for a coffee machine for your home? Or are you looking to whip drinks for your customers? The D6 is perfect for home use. It takes up less space, is easy to move, does not get damaged easily, and is affordable. The D6 allows you to get the best of Jura’s coffee technology without putting a dent in your bank account. 

On the other hand, the E8 is the perfect machine for commercial use. It has many more specialties, and the touch system makes it very efficient. Jura has also improved its cleaning system and other features. 

Ease of Use

The E8 is far easier to use than the D6 because it has a TFT color screen display. You can follow the instructions on the screen by clicking the buttons. The machine guides you. 

The D6, on the other hand, has an analog text display. While the machine does have buttons you can use, the rotary dial is a big part of the machine. It can be confusing and take time to operate the dial appropriately. 

Counter Space

If you’re looking for a machine that fits into narrow spaces, the Jura D6 is the way to go. It stands at 16.3 x 11 x 13.6 inches—the E8 measures 1 inch more in length, making it a better choice for smaller kitchens. The Jura D6 is also lightweight, so you can easily move it around if you need to.


Whether you’re buying a machine for your home or business, the product’s price is a factor you must always consider. If you’re thinking of going for something cheaper, the D6 is the machine you need. You can get it for about $1000, whereas the E8 would cost you more than double that. You’ll be able to buy an E8 for about $2500, which is a whopping $1500 increase in price. 

The E8’s heavy price tag might not suit somebody who needs it for his home, but it is perfect for cafes. Its efficient system and more coffee specialties make it worth the price. 

Brewing System

Jura’s machines make coffee using the company’s famous pulse extraction process. This process pushes water through the coffee grounds at a low speed, which extracts the most caffeine and flavor from the coffee. 

Jura’s machines also come with the company’s famous Thermoblock heating system. In this system, a metal block is placed inside the machine and is heated once you switch it on. Pipes surround the metal block, and as the water goes through these pipes, it gains heat from the block.

The thermoblock, unlike a traditional boiler, heats the water faster, which is ideal for espresso machines. Since you need to heat the espresso maker before you brew your coffee, Jura’s Thermoblock heating system cuts the wait time down.  

Both of these machines have Thermoblock technology. However, the E8 has three levels of temperature control, whereas the D6 has only 2. 

Differences Between the Jura E6 and the E8

Grinder Settings

The Jura D6 and E8 have installed coffee grinders like all other machines on the market. However, the D6 comes with an Aroma G2 grinder, while the E8 has an Aroma G3 grinder. 

The G2 is sturdy and grinds coffee thoroughly, but the Aroma G3 is quieter, and faster, and preserves more of the coffee’s flavor. The G3 also produces less coffee ground waste after each session, which prevents the grinder from getting clogged. Increased speed means the grinder is thorough with the beans, producing minimum waste. 

Jura’s E8 also has ten different grinder settings, while the D6 offers fewer options. In addition to the grinder settings, the E8 has a slot for pre-ground coffee, while the D6 works with whole coffee beans. 

Milk Frother

A milk frother is a standard part of any espresso machine. However, technological innovation has led companies to improve their products constantly. The D6 and E8 are both machines by Jura, but there is a difference between their milk frothing system. 

The D6 features fine foam technology, which allows you to make milk foam at the right texture and temperature. The E6, on the other hand, features a fine foam G2 frother, which is faster and quieter than its predecessor. You can customize the consistency of the milk per cup using both machines.

Programmed Drinks

According to us, the variety of drinks the E8 provides is its most significant selling point. Programmed drinks are the one place where the E8 defeats the D6 by a mile. The D6 can only make seven different coffee specialties, while the E8 can make 17 other drinks. 

The D6 makes hot water, cappuccino, espresso, coffee, and milk foam. This is perfect for home use, but if you love having many options, the E8 is more your thing. 

You can make a flat white, a macchiato, an espresso doppio, a ristretto, a latte macchiato, and milk with the E8. All of these are drinks you’ll find in any high-end coffee shop. 


You can store coffee beans and water in both of these coffee makers. However, they both provide you with different sizes of storage. The D6 is made to be compact and lightweight, so its bean hopper stores 200g of coffee beans only. Contrary to that, you can store 280 g of coffee beans in an airtight container in the E8. 

Both machines can store 0.42 gallons or 1.59 liters of water in their tanks anytime. 

Jura D6 vs. E8: The Verdict

Jura E8
  • Espresso quality: G3 Aroma grinder and P.E.P coffee brewing technology for outstanding taste
  • Versatility: 17 specialty coffees and more temperature adjustments
  • User Interface: Color screen display and compatible with Jura’s Smart Connect app
  • Value: A price tag over 2K!
Jura D6
  • Espresso quality: Reliable P.E.P coffee brewing system
  • Versatility: 4 coffee strength options and 7 specialty coffees
  • User Interface: Buttons and rotary dial
  • Value: Around 1K cheaper than the E8

If you’re not one to be fazed by a heavy price tag, the Jura E8 is the machine to buy. It not only has many more drink options, but it’s also easier to use. Additionally, it’s very versatile—for example, it can work with ground coffee and whole beans. 

Jura has tried to provide its customers with the best user experience through the E8. The machine is quieter than the D6 and is made to work smoother and faster. Finally, the touch screen is another sweet perk. 

The E8 costs more than the D6 and takes up more counter space, but it’s the perfect machine if you have room and money to spare. 

However, if the requirements aren’t something you can deal with, the D6 is a machine any coffee lover would be proud to have. It makes strong and flavorful coffee with smooth, thick foam. It is also sturdy and easy to clean. What’s not to like? 

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Is the Jura D6 Worth It?

Jura’s D6 is a solid machine for any household. The D6 can make all the essential coffee options, and its stainless steel and ABS plastic body make it sturdy enough to last years. It has an Aroma G2 grinder, and Jura’s PEP system ensures it extracts coffee that smells and tastes great. Overall, it’s perfect for somebody looking to own a great coffee maker on a budget. 

Are There Different Versions of the Jura E8?

There is no significant difference between the Jura E8 versions. You’ll find it in various colors, and the company even has a few different models, but with no significant differences. Some earlier models weigh less, but that’s about it. 

Is Jura a Good Company?

Jura is a household appliance producer that is famous for its products. Time and time again, it has released coffee machines that have won the market. Today, Jura’s coffee makers are considered some of the best in the world. 

The E6 and E8, for example, are famous amongst coffee enthusiasts. Read more about the E6 and E8 here— Jura E6 vs. E8: A Detailed Comparison

How to Clean Your Jura Machine?

Jura’s machines come with an automatic cleaning system. All you have to do is pop in one of Jura’s cleaning tablets in the slot and run the cleaning system. You can find instructions on how to do that in your manual. 

Decalcifying isn’t an issue if you use Jura’s recommended Clearyl filter. However, check your manual for decalcifying instructions using another filter. 

How Often Should I Clean My Jura Machine?

Rinse your machine after each use, so it flushes out old coffee and leftover milk from the pipes. However, a proper clean should be done after 120 brews or once the machine prompts you to. 

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