Chocolate Cream Cold Brew Recipe (Starbucks Copycat Recipe)

Here’s our chocolate cream cold brew recipe for all those who love chocolate. Did you know the current Starbucks menu has over 300 recipes? Insane, right? With so much up its sleeve, there’s no doubt about why the coffee chain is so famous. One of our favorite drinks from Starbucks is the chocolate cream cold … Read more

Honey Lavender Latte

Once upon a time, lattes and cappuccinos were all the milk-based coffee drinks you could get.  Those who didn’t like these had to give up coffee altogether. Today, though, coffee shop menus have a lot to offer everybody. Those who want strong drinks can go for the traditional options, but those who prefer something light … Read more

Rose Latte Recipe

When we think about a latte, we picture a warm mug with intense flavors, frothy textures, and aromas, but you’ll find types of latte drinks that don’t fit this criterion. Latte today can be floral too. Yes, you got that right. The rose latte has a floral flavor, gaining slow but steady popularity. Although it … Read more

Dirty Coffee: What is it and how to make it

Okay, we agree. The name dirty coffee doesn’t sound too appealing when your first hear it. “dirty” isn’t a word that should be used with any food or beverage. But not only is this coffee called “Dirty Coffee,” but it’s trendy too. What makes it so popular? And how can you make this latest caffeine … Read more