About us

Yker Valerio brewing coffee with a french press
Learning the SCA protocols and best practices for coffee brewing methods

We are Bon Vivant Caffè!

Hi! My name is Yker.

I am the person behind this website.
I started learning about Specialty Coffee in 2016. My coffee experience has improved exponentially since then, and I am still amazed by the infinite yet growing possibilities to enjoy coffee.
In my home country, Venezuela, coffee is a crucial part of our daily routines. When I was a little kid, it was widespread to have coffee at a very young age. Still, I wasn’t like most kids regarding coffee.

According to my parents, I always wanted coffee for breakfast, and when we went out, I felt terrible if the waiter didn’t offer me coffee after lunch. How rude!

Our Story

I thought about creating a blog dedicated to coffee in 2016 after I went to Expo Especiales in Bogotá, Colombia. It was a significant experience for me because I had the opportunity to dive deep into the Specialty Coffee world. Although I love coffee from a very young age and interested in Barista Skills training and top-quality coffee before that event, I can’t hide how mind-blowing was the Expo Especiales 2016 for me.

I stopped at every stand and listened to lots of salespeople who were eager to explain all the details about their machines, beans, and services. For the first time, I witnessed a Coffee Auction, a National Quality Competition Awards Ceremony, and the Colombian Barista Championship. 

I’ve never imagined that the Coffee World was so rich, complex, and stimulating. Just like a cup of coffee!

The idea of a blog specialized in coffee didn’t go away during all these years. I kept reading and researching about it. It took me a bit too long to realize that I couldn’t wait to become a coffee expert to start writing. I want to share my journey with you because it’s an exciting one, and there are enough authoritative books published about the coffee world. However, most of the work published around Specialty Coffee is highly specialized, technical, and hard to grasp. On the other hand, brewing top-quality coffee at home is radically easier than a couple of years ago. There’s a vast offer of specialized gear designed for home baristas and an ever-growing offer of specialty-grade coffee beans.

In short, I realized that, like me, there are thousands around the world eager to enjoy coffee at its best. Yet, not all of them are willing to research for hours to enter the Specialty Coffee world. Part art, part science, the Specialty Coffee realm is fascinating, but it can be a bit hostile for newcomers. I created Bon Vivant Caffè to change this.

Our Purpose

We work to make it easier to enjoy all the pleasures of coffee. 

Coffee is one of the most affordable luxuries in the world. It doesn’t matter if you love to learn about brew, smell, or drink coffee. If you’re like me, you enjoy all of the pleasant aspects of coffee. Bon Vivant Caffè exists to make your journey toward top-quality coffee more pleasant and friendly.

Our Manifesto

  • Peace of Mind over Convenience.
  • Experimentation over Perfection.
  • Delight over Method.
  • Aroma and Taste over The Package.

Even though there are valuable concepts on the right, we prefer the items on the left.

Our Principles

Bon Vivant Caffè strives to be a community that welcomes all coffee lovers and enthusiasts. Although we started with a single writer, we’re open to receiving contributions from other writers. We believe that shared principles are essential to building win-win relationships. If our values sound like yours, it’s quite likely you’ll enjoy belonging to our community.


  • We are honest and authentic.
  • We only publish content if we believe it is accurate.
  • We do our best to discern our opinions from facts.
  • We treat everyone fairly and respectfully.
  • We prefer fair trade, organic, and sustainable products and practices.


  • We take the interests of our community more seriously than ourselves.
  • We experiment with new brands, methods, and recipes to challenge ourselves.
  • We take feedback and mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

Good taste

  • We strive to appreciate quality in every single aspect of the coffee world.
  • We prefer Specialty Coffee, as we value the quality and effort behind it.
  • We value the beauty of coffee in all of its forms.


  • We love and enjoy our work.
  • We find so much pleasure in coffee that we can’t help it but share it with you.
  • We prefer to write interesting and easy-to-read content that feeling smart.


  • We love to learn.
  • We look for alternative perspectives.
  • We work to understand and embrace all the pleasures of coffee.

Our Brand

The Gooseneck Kettle is an essential part of many brewing methods. With time, I started to think about it as a symbol of great coffee. Moreover, it expresses how much we value the skills required to brew a top-quality cup with all methods, not necessarily the best known, like the espresso machine, or the most exotic ones, like the vacuum siphon.

To us, the Gooseneck Kettle represents the skill set, the processes, and the quality we look after in everything around the coffee world.

Our colors express our love for life, light, and nature, which gave us coffee, so generously.