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If you are in a hurry and want to find out which is the best espresso machine under 2000 dollars, I’d recommend the Rocket Appartamento as the best one.

Top 3 Espresso Machines Under $ 2000

Top Pick
Rocket Appartamento
  • Small footprint
  • Stunning looks
  • E61 group head
  • Top-notch HX boiler
Best Dual Boiler
Rancilio Silvia Pro X
  • Digital temperature control
  • Preinfusion technology
  • Superior durability
Best Lever Machine
Elektra S1 Microcasa Lever
  • Stunning rètro style
  • Reliable consistency
  • Decent feedback
  • Good frothing

The 9 Best Espresso Machines Under $2000 in 2023

There are a lot of good espresso machines to pick from. For this reason, it’s hard to choose the ideal one for your needs and budget. 

We’ve compiled this list of the best espresso machines under $2000 to help you.

These machines have different features, and we found a good fit for other purposes and users.

You’ll notice that we categorized our list into four types of espresso machines:

  • Prosumer espresso machines
  • Semi-automatic espresso machines
  • Lever espresso machines
  • Super-automatic espresso machines

We’ve included super-automatic espresso and traditional coffee machines to find the perfect one for your needs. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you decide.

So, we have just what you need whether you’re looking for an entry-level or more advanced machine.

Check out our list of the top espresso machines under $2000 and find the perfect one for you!

What to look for in an espresso machine

When looking for an espresso machine, you should consider the following factors:

Let’s take a look at each factor in more detail:

Design and looks

Rocket Appartamento White

The design of an espresso machine is important for two reasons. First, you want a machine that looks good in your kitchen. Second, the design affects the performance of the machine. A well-designed espresso machine will have better heat retention and easier-to-use controls.

Furthermore, you want a good-looking espresso machine. Let’s be honest. We want an espresso machine for its aesthetic value just as much as for the quality of its espresso. Don’t underestimate how much you like the way it looks. Remember that, time-wise, you’ll spend more time looking at your espresso machine than preparing drinks. So, its appearance isn’t a minor detail.

Size and capacity

Can you imagine getting a fridge that doesn’t fit in your kitchen? Although an espresso machine is considerably smaller, the feeling of getting an oversized appliance is quite as frustrating, no matter the size.

For this reason, you must measure the room available for your espresso setup, all things considered. That is, check the dimensions for all your espresso bar pieces combined:

  • Espresso machine
  • Grinder
  • Barista tools
  • Knock box
  • Mat
  • Anything else that you’re planning to have in your home espresso bar!

Performance and usability

We want an espresso machine that delivers a delicious shot more than anything else. The brewing system technology plays a huge role here, including the portafilter and the group head, combined with adequate temperature management and pressure.

Some machines are more forgiving than others. The super-automatics are the easiest to handle, and prosumer and lever machines are the most challenging.

Depending on your priorities, you can have a machine with a touch panel for the drinks menu or a pressure gauge to geek out while dialing your espresso.

Arguably, you won’t have many prosumer AND super-automatic functionalities in the same machine because that would defeat their purpose.

If you’re looking for back-to-back espressos, high milk steam capability, and professional-grade performance, check our review of the best prosumer espresso machines.

Energy and water efficiency

Since espresso machines became popular in the early 20th century until now, many things have changed. Especially our interest in sustainability and efficiency.

Many old machines are wasteful; only recently have espresso machines started displaying energy consumption labels. World-class espresso machines are improving energy and water efficiency, and it’s worth checking their energy labels before getting your new appliance.

Water efficiency depends mainly on the cleaning and purging cycles. The best espresso machines will have a way of reducing the water needed for both tasks without compromising cleanliness or performance.

Durability and build quality

Low-quality appliances are wasteful, and when you spend something short of 2,000 dollars on an espresso machine, a disposable product feels like an insult.

For many espresso machine manufacturers, durability is a priority, and they build extremely robust products. Furthermore, they provide a network of service centers and customer service agents ready to help.

Espresso machine sellers often have technicians who can help solve the most common issues.

In the United States, Canada, and Australia, most of the machines on our list have good service centers. Still, before pulling the trigger, we recommend checking your country’s favorite brand service centers and technical support.

Cleaning and maintenance

Taking care of an espresso machine doesn’t need to be a problem or takes hours every week. Still, using a dirty one reduces its durability and quickly damages its performance.

All things considered, the best espresso machines are easy to clean and maintain. For this reason, an espresso machine that is easy and safe to disassemble and reassemble for proper maintenance is a good investment.

Regularly cleaning your espresso machine is very important. A good routine would consider descaling, wiping the case, and keeping the steam wand and the portafilter impeccable. The steam wand and the portafilter determine the taste and aroma of your drinks.

Types of espresso machines

We classified espresso machines into four types: prosumer, semi-automatic, lever, and super-automatic.

Lever espresso machines are the most challenging, and you’ll find it harder to dial espresso shots consistently with them.

Consistency is vital in espresso, and lever machines add an extra level of difficulty that’s more appropriate for the craftiest home baristas. Just think about it: you have to pull the lever at the correct speed and with the right amount of pressure to deliver a good shot of espresso.

A super-automatic espresso machine is perfect for people who love drinking espresso at home but don’t have the time -or the interest- to learn how to dial an espresso shot like a barista. On the other extreme, super-automatic espresso machines are highly reliable and convenient. These machines control the entire workflow, from grinding to extraction.

Somewhere in the middle are semi-automatic and prosumer espresso machines. The main difference is that prosumer machines emulate the café experience with commercial-grade features and specifications. On the other hand, semi-automatic espresso machines are more forgiving. They include features that help you get a better shot without being an expert.

Boiler type

Typically, boilers are single or dual. The main differences between espresso machine boiler types are:

  • How quickly they heat the water
  • If they can keep enough pressure to make espresso and froth milk at the same time
  • How efficient are they

Single boiler machines are more cost-effective and straightforward to use. The espresso maker needs to manage steam pressure by increasing or decreasing water temperature; some models also require engagement with a switch for steaming.

The basic principle behind single-boiler espresso machines is using the same water and pressure to make espresso and froth milk. Therefore, home baristas adapt their workflow.

In contrast, dual boiler machines allow users to steam and brew simultaneously. As a result, home baristas don’t have to worry about manipulating water temperature and pressure.

Somewhere in the middle, heat exchanger (HX) espresso machines enable simultaneous espresso-making and milk frothing like dual boilers.

Heat exchanger espresso machines have a single boiler to heat water and create steam. The system feeds water into a heat exchange tube. Heats it up quickly before sending it to the espresso machine’s group head.

These machines require cooling flushes when not used, whereas dual boiler machines don’t. However, heat exchanger machines are generally less expensive than double boiler machines.

Group head type

The group head casts the spell and makes the magic happen combined with a portafilter. It’s at the front of the machine and channels hot water out of the boiler into the filter basket.

Cutting-edge espresso machines come with saturated and semi-saturated group heads. These group heads retain water and reach water brewing temperatures faster.

Usually, such technology is more useful in a commercial setting. You won’t find many espresso machines with a saturated group head for home use.

Regardless of the type of group head, the construction and design of this part are crucial for espresso quality.

On our list, all espresso machines have an excellent group head, with good heat retention and solid construction.

Temperature control system

Hot water and pressure management are at the core of espresso machine technology.

Digital temperature control has become a standard for the best espresso machines, usually through a PID controller.

In a café, temperature control is vital for service speed. In contrast, for home baristas, speed isn’t that important.

At home, temperature control is crucial to adjust espresso extraction. Heat stability and retention help get a more even extraction. A delicious shot of espresso is better when it’s repeatable.

That’s why having some sort of temperature control empowers the barista to adjust extraction variables.

Top 9 Espresso Machines Under $2000

Check the pros and cons of the best espresso machines for under 2000 dollars.

Rocket Appartamento – Best Prosumer Espresso Machine under $ 2000

The Rocket Appartamento is a beautiful prosumer espresso machine with commercial-grade features and specifications. It’s perfect for people who want to emulate the café experience at home.

Rocket Appartamento Black with White


  • E61 group head: This style of group head is known for its simplicity and function, allowing water to siphon through the group head to keep it hot. Moreover, it provides prosumer aesthetics, superior durability, and performance.
  • Small footprint: the Rocket Appartamento fits most countertops and doesn’t need much room under kitchen cabinets.
  • Top-quality accessories: everything inside the box is premium quality. The tamper, portafilter, cleaning tablets, and water test strips. All accessories are top-of-the-line and will help you make great espresso at home.
  • Steam and water wands: most small espresso machines have only a steam wand. The Rocket Appartamento includes both, making it a perfect option for Americano lovers. Additionally, both are no-burn wands, making the Appartamento a safer machine for beginners (and everyone, to be honest).
  • Great boiler technology: the heat exchange boiler fits perfectly latte art and milk-based drinks lovers. It works faster than single boiler machines. Furthermore, it’s less expensive and smaller than most dual boiler machines.


  • No public standard manufacturer warranty: sellers have different warranties and conditions. Some sellers offer 2 years and others 3 years. Regardless, Rocket doesn’t publish a manufacturer warranty. I expect the manufacturer to openly inform its standard product limited warranty in this price range.
  • Plastic rails for the cup warming rack: the weak rail doesn’t do justice to the style and construction of the rest of the machine. Rocket offers metal rails as an add-on, but I would expect metal rails as the default in this price range. Yet, it’s up to you how important this detail is.
  • The small drip tray looks great but doesn’t hold enough water. This is problematic for a heat exchanger machine because you’ll want to do a cooling flush before dialing up a shot now and then.
  • No PID: although you have a boiler pressure gauge, you don’t control the temperature and the pressure in the group head. The Rocket Appartamento is more oriented to technically advanced home baristas, but lacking more feedback and control can be a bummer for many people.

Ascaso Duo Espresso Machine PID Steel – Best Value for Espresso Machines under $ 2000

The Ascaso Duo Espresso Machine PID Steel gives excellent value for the money. This machine is perfect for the home barista who wants more control over their espresso shots. It comes with many features that are usually found in more expensive machines.


  • Electronic group head temperature control: the digital PID temperature system enables 1-degree increments. I like this feature because you can adjust volumetric programmable settings for preinfusion, single shot, double shot, and auto-standby. As a result, you have more control, and it’s easier to get consistent espresso once and again.
  • Straightforward operation in style: four metallic switches are all you need to make espresso and froth milk with this espresso machine. They are sleek, durable, and intuitive. As you advance your barista skills, this machine functionality helps you get more from it without overcomplicating things for beginners.
  • Smooth back-to-back espresso making and milk frothing: this machine has two thermoblocks to ensure steady temperatures. The main advantage of two thermoblocks is that it emulates a conventional dual boiler machine, albeit with a more energy-efficient approach for home use.
  • Superior aesthetics for the money: machines with wood accents and the sleek finish of this Ascaso espresso machine tend to be pricier. A lot pricier! This machine is punching above its weight, competing directly with the Italian market leaders.
  • Technical service and spare parts: Ascaso’s online presence and inventory are better than bigger brands. In the USA and Canada, they have technical service centers; it’s easy to find spare parts directly from Acaso’s online store and resellers.


  • Warranty: the 5-year warranty for thermoblock boilers and groups is excellent. But, the 1-year limited warranty for materials and faulty construction doesn’t seem right in this price range.

Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Machine – Best Dual Boiler Espresso Machine under $ 2000

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Machine is great for the home barista. This machine is ideal for the home barista looking for the sweet spot between price, control, and technology.


  • Dual boiler: it has a separate steam boiler and a brew boiler to offer simultaneous brewing and steaming. This feature is perfect for serving several milk drinks back to back. 
  • PID temperature control: the brew and steam circuit PIDs provide excellent temperature management and can be adjusted in 1-degree increments.
  • Preinfusion: the Silvia Pro X brings adjustable, low-pressure preinfusion for improved shot quality.
  • Built-in shot timer: the front-facing PID screen doubles as a shot timer when brewing.


  • Noisy: according to several users, this machine is very noisy. For some reason, it’s louder than the Rancilio Silvia, which is about half the price of this one. Although it won’t be a problem if everyone is awake when you start making espresso. 

Elektra S1 Microcasa Lever – Best Lever Espresso Machine under $ 2000

The Elektra S1 Microcasa Lever Espresso Machine is excellent for vintage and rètro lovers. This machine is ideal for someone who likes the challenge of a hands-on experience and having a beautiful espresso machine on their bar.

Elektra S1 Microcasa Lever


  • Stunning rètro style: the brass and copper finish and unique design make this machine a head-turner.
  • Reliable consistency: adjusting the grind and dose is enough to get a good shot with the Elektra S1 Microcasa. The Elektra comes with a spring that helps control the lever mechanism and its influence over espresso extraction. I like this feature because it reduces the guesswork, but you still have a hands-on (literally) espresso-making experience.
  • Decent feedback: the pressure gauge helps get a good espresso shot once and again.
  • Good frothing: it has a superb steaming capability, a good boiler capacity, and a top-quality steaming wand.


  • Plastic tamper: this shouldn’t be a significant issue. Still, the premium look and elegance of the entire machine make the plastic tamper looks worse.
  • Needs plenty of room: unlike other machines on our list, it’s nearly impossible to imagine this machine below a kitchen cabinet.
  • Challenging to use: it isn’t surprising in a lever espresso machine, but many users claim that the Elektra S1 Microcasa is difficult to use physically and skillfully.
  • Technical updates? The classic look doesn’t deceive the eye. Since Elektra released this machine in the 1940s, few changes have been made. That means no PID and a more manual experience in brewing espresso.

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine – Best Espresso Machine with a built-in grinder

The Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine is a high-quality machine with many features, including a built-in grinder. It’s easy to use and produces consistent cafe-quality espresso. However, it may be challenging for beginners, and the machine’s durability is questionable.


  • High-quality stainless steel body: solid construction and sleek style define the Breville Barista Touch. It looks modern and sophisticated, with a timeless professional feel.
  • Price: we have included this machine as part of our review of the best espresso machines under 1000 dollars for a good reason. For this price, it’s hard to find a better espresso machine with a built-in grinder.
  • Barista-grade espresso, without the hassle: the Breville Barista Touch is a one-touch espresso machine that combines an integrated grinder to produce coffee from beans to espresso in seconds. For a café-like shot of espresso, this machine uses preinfusion to gradually raise the pressure and ensure balanced extraction. The integrated precision conical burr grinder with dose control delivers the proper quantity of coffee on demand for optimum taste. Additionally, the ThermoJet heating system gets the right machine temperature in 3 seconds, and the digital temperature control (PID) heats the water to an optimal temperature for every drink. I like how these features work together because they give you excellent espresso consistently, with (almost) only the push of a button.
  • Programmable drink settings with intuitive touch screen: it’s easy to set drinks in advance, including espresso dosing, milk temperature, and texture. Pressing a few buttons, you can get your cappuccino or café latte precisely as you want. Moreover, the automatic milk frother gets a beautiful silky texture. Furthermore, the user interface is top-notch. The touchscreen display simplifies the workflow in 3 easy steps: grind, brew, and milk frothing. You can adjust the coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature to your preference.
  • Decent warranty: manufacturer 2 Year Limited Product Warranty. It isn’t the best on this list, but it’s public and good enough for this price range.


  • Durability: with all these advanced features, the Breville Barista Touch compromises durability. According to several customers, the touch panel and the grinder can start to fail after a few years. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s customer and technical service are okay but not great.
  • Challenging operation: don’t let the intuitive interface deceive you. You’ll have to experiment with the settings, from the grind size to extraction time and water temperature. It’s hard to get good espresso out of this machine the first few times.

Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine – Best dual boiler espresso machine for beginners

The Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is a high-quality machine with intuitive operation. It has several alerts and options to make it easier to keep tidy and work at its best. Additionally, the steam wand is very easy to remove for deep cleaning.


  • Intuitive operation with great feedback: unlike most dual-boiler espresso machines, this machine has an intuitive control panel that helps beginners quickly grasp the espresso-making and milk-frothing processes. Furthermore, the Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine has a pressure gauge to help you find the right grind size for better coffee extraction every time.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: like most Breville machines, it has several alerts and options to make it easier to keep tidy and work at its best.
  • This machine has a high-quality steam wand: you can get silky milk for perfect latte art. It’s one of the main reasons many people love it. The steam wand is also very easy to remove for deep cleaning.


  • Durability: with all these advanced features, the Breville Barista Touch compromises durability. According to several customers, the touch panel and the grinder can start to fail after a few years. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s customer and technical service are okay but not great.
  • Design and finish aren’t for everyone: it has a wide footprint compared with premium machines like the Rancilio Silvia Pro and the Rocket Appartamento. It’s worth checking how much counter space uses the Breville Dual Boiler has in advance because it doesn’t fit easily. Likewise, the intuitive design compromises a bit on the aesthetic side. Some people love how it looks, but just check how Italian espresso machines like the Rocket Appartamento are, and tell me what you think.

Jura ENA 8 Automatic Coffee Machine – Best super-automatic espresso machine under $ 2000

The Jura ENA 8 Automatic Coffee Machine is a solid choice for an excellent super-automatic espresso machine under $ 2000. It has many features that differentiate it from the competition, including a sound milk frothing system and straightforward operation. The results are consistently good, making it a favorite among coffee lovers.

Jura ENA 8 Full Nordic White


  • Good beverages assortment: 10 pre-programmed beverage options available. It’s one of the most generous options for this price range.
  • Superior milk frothing system: the milk foam is thick, creamy, and persistent. It’s one of the best automatic milk frothers we’ve seen.
  • Straightforward operation and excellent results: few machines can offer such espresso and milk-based drinks quality by just pressing a button. Jura patented extraction system, combined with its top-notch grinder, provides outstanding flavor and aroma extraction. Moreover, the milk frothing system works excellently.


  • The small reservoir has the lowest water capacity in our selection, with only 36.8 fl. oz.
  • Not for latte art: as expected, the Jura ENA 8 automatic milk frothing system gets you nice frothy milk but not silky microfoam for latte art.
  • Pricey: Near our review’s budget limit, the Jura ENA 8 tends to be very close to 2000 dollars. It’s worth checking the price now and then, but it’s in the upper price range of our list.

If you’re curious about other Jura coffee machines, check our comparison of the Jura E6 and Jura E8.

Gaggia Cadorna Prestige – Excellent Super Automatic Espresso Machine under $ 2000

The Gaggia Cadorna Prestige Espresso Machine is a fantastic machine that allows you to brew coffee drinks by pressing a button. Its easy-to-use full-color display makes it easy to get frothy milk and create delicious espresso drinks.


  • Fantastic beverages menu: 14 pre-programmed beverages including ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo, americano, cappuccino, café cortado, flat white, frothed milk, hot water for tea or hot cocoa.
  • Integrated milk frother with easy cleaning process: it’s easy to get frothy milk. Furthermore, it runs through an automatic rinse cycle to clean residual milk.
  • Easy-to-use: full-color display allows you to brew coffee drinks by pressing a button.


  • Limited 1-year warranty: in this price range, it’s extremely short to have only a 1-year warranty, particularly with a super-automatic espresso machine. This type of machine is more prone to have issues in the mid-term, so having less than 2 years of warranty can be an issue.
  • Not for latte art: most of the time, hands-free milk frothing means no latte art. This is the case with the Gaggia Cadorna, which compromises milk texture for convenience. Still, it provides a pleasant milk foam for homemade coffee drinks.
  • Durability issues: a bit worrying with a relatively short warranty, the Gaggia Cadorna has shown some durability issues. Several users claim it starts displaying some upsetting error messages for no reason.

Check our review of affordable super-automatic espresso machines for more options.

Quickmill Anita EVO – Excellent prosumer espresso machine under $ 2000

The Quick Mill Anita EVO is a great prosumer espresso machine that falls under the $2000 price range. It has many excellent features, such as an E61 group head and dual gauges, make it stand out from other machines in its category.

Quick Mill Anita EVO - Open Box


  • E61 group head: this group head technology provides prosumer aesthetics, superior durability, and performance.
  • Compact and solid: the Anita is well-built and fits most countertops.
  • Steam wand and water tap: like the Rocket Appartamento, the Quick Mill Anita EVO includes a steam wand and a water tap. Additionally, both are no-burn wands, making them safer machines.
  • Dual gauges: the Quickmill Anita lets you read the boiler and group pressure for the pickiest home barista. For true experts, it’s a great way to deal with all the variables and adjust grind size and pressure accordingly.
  • Great HX boiler with excellent capacity: the heat exchange boiler enables simultaneous espresso-making and milk frothing. Moreover, it’s powerful and heats quickly despite its incredible 100 fl. oz capacity.
  • Decent warranty: The 2-year manufacturer-limited product warranty is standard in this price range. This feature doesn’t move the needle in favor -or against- Anita.


  • Not always available: unfortunately, the Quick Mill Anita EVO has been out of stock recently.
  • Only stainless steel look: Quick Mill offers this machine only in a stainless steel finish.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Coffee Machine Under $2000?

The Rocket Appartamento is the clear winner in this category, with its many excellent features, durability, aesthetics, and great price. We recommend checking the price and availability on Amazon and 1st in coffee.

The Quick Mill Anita EVO‘s features come close but fall short in several areas.

The Ascaso Duo is also an excellent option for those open to trying a more innovative espresso machine with a few more bells and whistles.


What to do if the gauge reading goes above 1.5 bars?

If the pressure on your machine’s gauge is above 1.5 bars or the top of the boiler releases steam, immediately turn off the machine. You can stop the pressure from rising any further while you contact a professional for assistance.

Can you get crema below 9 bars of pressure?

I took the Espresso Machine course from Barista Hustle as a part of the research work for this article. In the course, I learned about their experiment to get crema using an espresso machine with a pressure of 9, 6, and 3 bars.

They measured shot times, thickness, and persistency. The results suggest that even 3 bars of pressure can produce crema, albeit less thick and persistent than at higher pressure.


Featured image by Declan Cronin on Unsplash

Are you curious about more affordable espresso machines?

Our team has reviewed and analyzed tons of espresso machines in almost all possible price ranges. Check out our reviews to find the best espresso machines for your budget:

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