Yker Valerio

I started learning about Specialty Coffee in 2016. My coffee experience has improved exponentially since then, and I am still amazed by the infinite yet growing possibilities to enjoy coffee. Bon Vivant Caffe is my way of sharing everything I am learning about coffee and contribute to the ever-growing coffee-loving community.

Espresso extraction through a naked portafilter

9 common myths about espresso

Espresso is a paradox. It’s the most fascinating achievement of art and science in the coffee world. But, like most things coffee, is full of dogmas, myths, and misinformation of all kinds.
Keep reading and gather some material to annoy your fellow coffee geeks!

Coffee dry processing (Picture by Dirk Lachenmeier, CVUA Karsruhe, Germany))

What is cascara?

I borrowed insights from coffee scientists, historians, estate owners, and roasters to write this article. Unexpectedly, cascara is above and beyond anything I knew about it. More than a mere by-product, cascara is a cultural treasure.