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As a coffee writer, Yker is passionate about translating coffee technical knowledge and concepts into helpful content for home baristas and coffee aficionados. He is a passionate home barista himself, testing coffees from all kinds of origins, researching the latest trends in the industry, and analyzing the best coffee gear up to date.
  • Yker is experienced in coffee industry research and helping passionate coffee lovers improve their coffee skills, and experience
  • Founder of Bon Vivant Caffè
  • Sensory Analyst and Certified Barista in different brewing methods by the Specialty Coffee Association and Barista Hustle
  • Published author in coffee industry publications such as Barista Magazine, New Ground Magazine, MTPak Education Centre, and Era of We Coffee Lab


Yker Valerio started his career in coffee in 2016, researching specialty coffee independently, while pursuing his career as a management consultant and HR professional. While maintaining both roles since then, in 2020 Yker launched Bon Vivant Caffè and started writing for several coffee industry and specialized publications, interviewing some of the most notable scientists, researchers, and industry experts in the world. Currently, Yker keeps working as an independent writer for Barista Magazine and PDG Media publications while advancing his career as a manager and organizational psychologist.


Yker received his certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Barista Hustle. Besides his coffee education, Yker got a BSc in Psychology from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. MSc. from the University of Nottingham, and several postgraduate diplomas in business and technology from the Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela.

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