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This is our TIMEMORE Chestnut X review.

The TIMEMORE Chestnut X is a high-end manual hand grinder with several features and settings that set it apart from the competition. With its patented S2C (spike to cut) conical design, dual adjustment dial, and 120 grind sizes, the TIMEMORE Chestnut X will impress the most discerning coffee lovers.

Overview: TIMEMORE Chestnut X Review

The TIMEMORE Chestnut X competes against the best manual coffee grinders in this price range. It offers an excellent grind size consistency, speed, build quality, and design. However, it is pricey and has a limited capacity.

Is TIMEMORE a premium brand?

The TIMEMORE Chestnut X body and construction
TIMEMORE Chestnut X. Image copyright: TIMEMORE

TIMEMORE started selling coffee gear in 2012. The brand manufactures excellent quality products, mainly manual coffee grinders, which are the best-known products from the brand.

Still, you can find pretty affordable products from TIMEMORE. We consider the TIMEMORE C2 to be the best budget manual coffee grinder. If you’re interested in an affordable grinder, check our TIMEMORE C2 review.

The TIMEMORE X, on the other hand, is the most premium product the company has launched so far. Before 2020, the company offered good quality products, particularly grinders. However, all the products were mid-priced, offering an exceptional value-to-benefit ratio.

Who shouldn’t buy the TIMEMORE Chestnut X?

The TIMEMORE Chestnut X is a high-end burr grinder focused on versatility and quality. The only downsides to this grinder are its high-price tag and weight.

Most people who wouldn’t be happy with the TIMEMORE X are those with a tight budget or those after a lightweight premium manual grinder.

Yet, remember that top alternatives are pretty heavy too. For instance, the Kinu M47 weighs more than 2 lbs, and the Comandante C40 is around 1.5 lbs.

Who is the TIMEMORE Chestnut X for?

TIMEMORE Chestnut X video from the Kickstarter campaign.

The TIMEMORE X is made to please the most demanding coffee enthusiasts and geeks. It’s among top-tier manual grinders in design, build quality, versatility, and performance.

Unlike most coffee grinders, it’s all-purpose. In other words, it’s suitable for espresso, pour-over, and French press fans. For this reason, quality is the main factor that puts the TIMEMORE X in a separate category among the best classic grinders, including the Comandante C40, the Kinu M47, and the Lido ET.

Main features: pros and cons

Image copyright: TIMEMORE


  • Premium look and feel. The TIMEMORE X displays the highest build quality and performance for this brand. It competes against the best products in the market. It doesn’t shy away from competitors, including the Commandante C40 and the Kinu M47.
  • Top-notch performance and versatility. This grinder has enough adjustments for espresso and offers excellent grind size consistency. Macro adjustments are wide enough to cover all kinds of grind sizes, from Turkish to French press.
  • Fast and comfortable. Usability is the name of the game, and this grinder is straightforward. Adjusting the grind size is more accessible than most competitors and handling the catch bin is pretty comfortable. Plus, the folding crank adds to the style, portability, and comfort of using this grinder.


  • Pricey. More than 300 dollars for a hand grinder is something, even in this league.
  • Limited capacity. The catch bin is small for a grinder that weighs more than 700 g. It holds only 30 g when most direct competitors offer more than 35 g capacity.

Performance and grind quality

Excellent grinding performance is one of the key features in this TIMEMORE Chestnut X review
Photo by & Bloss on Unsplash

Using the TIMEMORE X is a pleasure. The shaft beautifully spins thanks to the two bearings for silky-smooth grinding.

High-end manual grinders can produce consistent grounds for espresso, filter coffee, and French press coffee. Nevertheless, few manufacturers have managed to offer this level of consistency. 

Achieving top-notch grind size consistency requires an intelligent combination of careful burr design and adjustment options. For this reason, high-quality hand grinders are pricier than regular ones.

The TIMEMORE X Coffee Grinder offers an unprecedented grind quality and settings versatility for a hand grinder. With 24 macro adjustment settings and 5 micro-adjustment settings, the TIMEMORE X gives you 120 different grind sizes to choose from. That means you can get the perfect grind for any type of coffee, whether making espresso, French press, or anything in between. And because the TIMEMORE X uses high-quality stainless steel burrs, you can be sure that your coffee will always taste its best.

The TIMEMORE Chestnut X burrs are superior to anything the company made in the past. TIMEMORE patented this top-quality burr set for its pioneering “Spike to Cut” design. It is made of a more durable SUS440 high-carbon stainless steel, with a hardness of up to 58.5~60.5 HRC. As a result, it’s wear and rust-resistant. Its unique burr design cuts coffee beans a silverskin apart for a cleaner cup.

Plus, this grinder’s advanced and minimalistic mechanics make it fast, effective, and produces minimal fines.

Additionally, the TIMEMORE X is easy to use. In contrast to most hand grinders, there is no need to set it to zero before counting the clicks. The grind adjustment settings are clearly marked, making it simple to find the perfect grind size.

Overall, most customers and verified TIMEMORE X owners praise its performance, consistency-wise. It’s safe to say that it provides excellent grind quality, which reflects in a complex and tasty cup of coffee.

Build quality and design

TIMEMORE Chesnut X review
Image copyright: TIMEMORE

The TIMEMORE Chestnut X is an amazing grinder and a fantastic option for coffee aficionados looking for a high-quality, durable grinder. It has a full steel and aluminum build, making it one of the heavier hand grinders on the market at 760 g.

Anyone who has used a manual coffee grinder knows that the shape is vital for getting a good grip. The aluminum body of this manual grinder is slightly square to ensure a firmer grip, making it smoother to grind coffee beans. The well-designed shape also makes it more comfortable to hold. Plus, the aluminum body is durable and will withstand years of use.

The TIMEMORE X is cut from a single piece of aluminum alloy. Its CNC-machined surface provides a comfortable grip feeling, matching its beautiful appearance. I love this feature because a single piece of aluminum alloy assures that you can quickly assemble and disassemble the grinder. Furthermore, good construction makes this grinder remain firm and steady, minimizing effort, which is common in cheap, flimsy grinders.

The foldable handle is a great plus. It facilitates storage and adds some gadget-ish aesthetic that is quite sexy. The metallic top knob protects the exterior finish and doubles as a knock tool for removing residual grinds clinging to the burrs or walls down to the chamber.

For the catching bin, the TIMEMORE X has a decent capacity, albeit limited compared to its competitors. However, the grounds bin is solid and resistant, and attaching and detaching it from the grinder is satisfyingly simple. It takes only half a turn to lock and unlock it safely.

One of the most impressive signs of build quality is the selection of construction materials. The TIMEMORE X is unique in that it is entirely made of metal. Everything is aluminum alloy and steel, from the top knob to the internal components. This gives the TIMEMORE X a high-quality feel. In addition, the TIMEMORE X is exceptionally well-constructed. All of the parts fit together perfectly, and there are no plastic parts that can break or come loose. As a result, the TIMEMORE X has been a highly durable product.

Moreover, since its launch in 2020, the TIMEMORE X has been taking a firmer grasp of its position. Now, it’s one of the best hand grinders in the market.

After checking customers’ feedback, we didn’t find complaints about durability issues or manufacturing flaws leading to an unexpectedly short life span. Or a significant reduction in performance over time.

Mobility and portability

Packing a manual grinder is important to consider if you're a fan of trekking or camping outdoors.
Photo by Denisse Leon on Unsplash

Thanks to its foldable handle and sleek design, the TIMEMORE X saves space. It’s a top choice for coffee lovers who want to take their grinder on the go. However, it’s pretty heavy at 760 g. For this reason, although it’s easy to pack, it isn’t that nice to carry it unless you’re in good shape. While it isn’t a significant bummer, the TIMEMORE X comes with a cloth carrying bag, which seems short for the price.

Compared with more affordable grinders from Normcore and 1Zpresso that come with a hard case, I would expect something similar for this price and quality. Especially because the TIMEMORE X foldable handle gives it a portable vibe.


Most hand grinders in this price range are top-notch. The construction quality and performance are arguably superior to electric grinders for the same price.

It doesn’t take much to notice that any piece of coffee gear above 300 dollars is prohibitive for most people.

There are several good options between 100 and 300 dollars in the market, so the TIMEMORE X isn’t an undisputed option for every type of premium-oriented coffee enthusiast.

In terms of value, however, it’s hard to find a grinder as robust as the TIMEMORE X. It’s reliable, delivers consistent and uniform grounds, and is incredibly versatile. Plus, it looks better than most of its competitors.

The Verdict: Best premium manual coffee grinder?

“Main competitors in the price range would be Kinu M47 Simplicity or Comandante C40 MK3, and it seems to me that Chestnut X beats them both,” according to a verified TIMEMORE X owner.

In other words, the TIMEMORE X is an excellent hand grinder that offers top-notch grind quality, great versatility, and durability. It’s the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy perfectly ground coffee at home or on the go.


The TIMEMORE Chestnut X competes against the best manual coffee grinders in this price range. It offers an excellent grind size consistency, speed, build quality, and design. However, it is pricey and has a limited capacity.

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TIMEMORE Chestnut X alternatives

Options abound, and it can be challenging to decide. The direct competitors of the TIMEMORE X are the Comandante C40 and the Kinu M47 Classic. If you want to learn more about them, you can read our review of the best hand coffee grinders.

Below, I included a couple of more affordable options.

1Zpresso K-Plus

If anything comes close to the TIMEMORE X for a lower price, that is the 1Zpresso K-Plus. It’s slightly heavier than the TIMEMORE X, at 790 g, but it’s significantly more affordable. Additionally, it has a sound build quality and beautiful design too.

The 1Zpresso K-Plus has over 90 grind adjustments available and offers high consistency and uniform grind size distribution. Furthermore, it’s exceptionally durable, and the kit includes a cleaning brush and a hard case, which are nice add-ons.

Normcore V2 (Titanium Contemporary Burr set)

For around a third of the price of the TIMEMORE X, you can get the special edition of the Normcore V2, a beautiful and well-built grinder. It’s an excellent alternative for those focusing on portability because this grinder weighs 423 g, around 300 g lighter than the Chestnut X.

Besides being more comfortable to carry, the Normcore V2 punches above its weight in grind consistency, speed, and durability. Indeed, it isn’t as versatile and advanced as the TIMEMORE X, but it’s great value for the money. This is especially the case for this version with a titanium contemporary burr set.


All pictures of the TIMEMORE Chestnut X in this article belong to TIMEMORE.

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