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This is our Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister review.

Since I started buying coffee beans instead of ground coffee, vacuum storage has been on my mind. I knew that oxygen was the enemy of freshness, and I wanted to do everything I could to keep it away from my beans.

Rarely is oxygen the target of an attack, but when storing coffee beans, it’s public enemy number one. This ubiquitous gas destroys the flavor and moisture of your coffee beans, rendering them dry, bland, and rancid—and nobody likes that kind of coffee.

I started using regular airtight containers, the cheapest ones in the supermarket. So, after a few days, I noticed that coffee beans would feel different and even change their taste.

I knew I had to find a better option, and vacuum coffee canisters kept popping up on my radar. But I was unsure to buy one because of the price tag.

However, as I cared more about the quality of my coffee, the price to keep it fresh started to look fairer. So, I tried the Fellow Atmos and the Airscape Coffee Canister, which many consider the best coffee canister in the market.

Key Features
Fellow Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canister
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Intuitive and satisfying vacuum system
  • Excellent construction
  • Sleek and minimalistic look
  • Light and resistant
  • Pricey
  • It doesn’t work well to store ground coffee 

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister Review

Fellow Atmos next to a kettle and a grinder
My Fellow Atmos in black, next to my Baratza Encore and Oxo Kettle.
  • Materials: 301 18/8 stainless steel body, silicone wrapper handle.
  • Capacity:
  • 0.4 L canister holds up to 6 oz of coffee beans
  • 0.7 L canister holds up to 10 oz of coffee beans
  • 1.2 L canister holds up to 16 oz of coffee beans
  • Cleaning: Not suitable for dishwasher—the integrated vacuum pump will be ruined
  • Warning: Do not place upside down while storing content inside

Is Fellow a good brand?

Fellow atmos in its three sizes along with the Fellow Stagg EKG.

All in black matte.
Fellow has a range of iconic products for coffee brewing. Picture courtesy of Fellow.

I am involved in several coffee lovers’ communities, both online and in-person, and Fellow is considered a premium brand for most things related to filter coffee.

Price and quality go hand in hand for most things in life, and Fellow products aren’t an exception. Their gooseneck kettles, drippers, and grinders are among the priciest and top-of-the-line home-use products.

Who shouldn’t buy the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister?

Typically, the Fellow Atmos isn’t for you if:

You buy ground coffee

The Fellow Atmos is useless if you don’t buy whole coffee beans. The vacuum system won’t work well and will likely get ruined quickly.

You don’t care about freshness

This product is designed to preserve the aroma and flavor of your coffee beans much longer than conventional storage options. If you don’t care about that, a cheaper alternative will do.

You buy coffee at least every two weeks

Storing coffee for a couple of weeks in a cheap container won’t usually ruin your coffee beans. In my experience, high-quality coffee roasters offer good packaging and protect coffee beans from oxidation.

If you’re lucky enough to buy fresh coffee beans frequently, you won’t benefit as much from a Fellow Atmos as someone who buys every month. From my point of view, a Fellow Atmos is a great option to store rare coffee beans available occasionally and that I don’t drink daily.

Who is the Fellow Atmos for?

Typically, the Fellow Atmos will make you happy if:

You want to upgrade from a cheaper container

The Fellow Atmos will be a great upgrade if you’ve been using a regular container for your whole coffee beans. It’s more stylish and better at preserving coffee beans from oxidation.

The user experience is satisfying and smooth. I love the Atmos texture, the finish, and the way it works. I’ve been using it for years now, and it’s a superior option, when compared to regular airtight containers.

You buy rare coffee beans every month or two

If you’re like me and buy rare coffee beans frequently, the Fellow Atmos will ensure your precious coffee remains fresh for weeks and months.

In my experience, the Fellow Atmos lets you keep fresh whole coffee beans for a few months or more than eight weeks.

Still, I have kept coffee beans for 10 to 12 weeks without noticeable aroma or taste loss. This is one of the main reasons I love the Fellow Atmos so much.

Main Features: Pros and cons

Fellow Atmos review

Person holding a black Fellow Atmos
Using the vacuum system is intuitive and satisfying. Picture courtesy of Fellow.

Looking at its strengths, the Fellow Atmos looks strong for the most relevant points for a vacuum container.

So, let’s explore its main features in more detail. In this way, you can understand if this coffee canister fits you and your needs.


The Fellow Atmos looks elegant, and it’s available in two colors: black and white. The minimalist design makes it a good fit for any kitchen.

Fellow Atmos over wooden top

The matte finish and texture are sleek and durable, and it’s less prone to scratches than other products with a glossy finish.

Vacuum seal

The vacuum seal is a fundamental feature in any vacuum container, and the Fellow Atmos doesn’t disappoint. The brand says it can keep coffee beans fresh for up to 8 weeks, which I’ve found true.

The vacuum system works well and is easy to use without much hassle.


The Fellow Atmos is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive design.

It’s lightweight, allowing you to carry it from place to place without much effort. Opening the canister is pretty easy, and I won’t deny that it’s satisfying to press the button to release the pressure and open the lid easily. Moreover, the visual details to signal when the container is pressurized are a good way to learn when to reseal it. In this regard, Fellow recommends twisting the lid every 4-5 days to maintain the seal.


I bought my Fellow Atmos over two years ago, and it’s impeccable. I feel confident it will last many more years if I take care of it properly. The matte finish protects it from scratches and fingerprints, so the design remains intact for longer.

The vacuum system also remains intact, which speaks volumes about the construction and quality of the Fellow Atmos. Additionally, I’ve checked hundreds of customer reviews during my research and confirmed that the Fellow Atmos is among the best coffee canisters durability-wise.


The Fellow Atmos is among the priciest coffee containers, yet it’s superior to most direct competitors. I’d only consider the Airscape container instead because of its looks and straightforward vacuum system.

Overall, the Fellow Atmos has a high price tag yet delivers a premium experience, as expected.

Fellow Atmos Alternatives

You can check some of these alternatives for the Fellow Atmos.

Airscape Coffee Canister

The Airscape Coffee Canister comes in multiple sizes and is a bit less expensive than the Fellow Atmos. The design is sleek and stylish, and its vacuum system isn’t as easy to use and maintain as the Fellow Atmos.

Moreover, I like that the Airscape Coffee Canister comes in different colors and finishes, which allows for more flexibility when matching colors around the kitchen or the coffee bar.

Oxo Good Grips POP Container

If you need a set of coffee containers for different uses, the Oxo Good Grips POP Container could be a great option. The price is lower than the Fellow Atmos, but it’s not as elegant for display. Moreover, it’s a clear container, so you have to store it in a separate cabinet to protect coffee beans from sunlight. Yet, it works well with coffee grounds if you don’t buy whole coffee beans yet.

MiiR Airtight Coffee Canister

With very similar prices and looks, it’s hard to decide between the Fellow Atmos and the MiiR. Yet, the MiiR Airtight Coffee Canister has a different vacuum system and a few more presentations than the Fellow Atmos.

The Verdict: Fellow Atmos Review

The Fellow Atmos is an excellent vacuum coffee canister to store whole beans. It has a solid construction in stainless steel with a superior matte finish.

In terms of durability, reliability, and performance, it’s considerably better than regular containers, even airtight ones. I recommend it as one of the best coffee containers, only close to the Airscape coffee canister.

I fell in love with coffee before I could even read, and my passion for this elixir has shaped my entire life. Through research and learning, I honed my knowledge of specialty coffee and espresso culture by seeking the advice of the most prominent coffee experts and researchers. I have been fortunate enough to meet inspiring individuals, expand my knowledge, and cover exciting coffee-related topics in my writing. My skill in translating complex facts into a reader-friendly style caters to coffee connoisseurs and newbie enthusiasts alike, so everyone can fully appreciate the richness and diversity of the world of coffee.
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