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1Zpresso J-Max Coffee Grinder Review

This is our 1Zpresso J-Max Review.

I got a 1Zpresso J-Max more than a year ago because my research suggested it was the best manual grinder for espresso.

Since 1Zpresso launched the J-Max, this manual coffee grinder has been gaining popularity in the coffee community, not only espresso lovers. It has a sleek style, durable build, nearly stepless adjustments, and consistent grind quality. It’s nothing short of an excellent option for people who are serious about their coffee brewing.

One of the standout features of the J-Max is its 48mm stainless steel burrs, which are larger than most manual grinders on the market. High-quality burrs allow for a quicker and more efficient grind while maintaining precision and consistency. Additionally, the J-Max has virtually stepless grind adjustment settings, with 8.8 microns between each click. In other words, you can fine-tune your grind with exquisite precision for espresso and other fine-grind methods such as Turkish coffee.

Overall, the 1Zpresso J-Max is a well-designed, high-quality manual coffee grinder worth considering for any coffee enthusiast, particularly espresso-inclined aficionados.

Key Features
1Zpresso J-Max Manual Coffee Grinder
8.5/10 Our Score
  • Stepless adjustments for espresso dial-in
  • Premium body construction and finish
  • High-performance and durable burrs 
  • Excellent price-value relationship
  • Bulky and heavy for a manual grinder

Design and Construction

Hand coffee grinders’ appearance, feeling, functionality, materials, and build quality aren’t minor. Overall, I find design and construction more important in manual grinders because they require to be nicer to the touch, and it’s quite a design challenge to make them easy and pleasant to use.

Manual grinders have significantly changed in the past few years, particularly in design and construction. 1Zpresso has been one of the most remarkable manufacturers selling top-quality grinders below the 300 USD mark, which was nearly unthinkable before TIMEMORE and 1Zpresso entered the market.

Let’s drill down the main aspects behind a good design and construction, such as materials, appearance, and durability.

Materials and Finish

The 1Zpresso J-Max is a high-quality manual coffee grinder built with premium materials. The grinder’s body is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and lightweight. The grinding burrs are made of stainless steel, resistant to rust and corrosion. Combining these materials ensures that the grinder is built to last and can withstand regular use.

In my experience grinding with J-Max, each part exudes top quality. The aluminum alloy body feels solid, and the finish is sleek in every detail. The textures feel right, particularly the wooden knob and the nicely painted body.

The burrs material is top-class, and I can attest that performance hasn’t diminished a bit after grinding around 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) of coffee per month for over a year.

My only complaint is the magnetic catch bin. To be honest, I had doubts from the start. Because I could be a bit clumsy, and I feared that I could drop it while grinding. Call it what you like, but what happened was that while learning to handle my beautiful 1Zpresso J-Max, I dropped the catch bin more than a couple of times because I accidentally turned it while grinding.

Self-fulfilling prophecy? Bad luck? All I can say is that my catch bin has a few dents, and I press the grinder against my belly to ensure it doesn’t drop again.


1zpresso jmax in my hand

The design of the 1Zpresso J-Max is sleek and modern. The grinder has a minimalist look, clean lines, and a matte finish in iron grey and silver.

I chose the iron grey because I found it more elegant, but it’s clearly a matter of preference. The design is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The grinder looks great and will impress any coffee enthusiast.

The rotation system to adjust the grind size is intuitive, precisely engraved, and looks and feels perfect.


The 1Zpresso J-Max is built to last. The aluminum alloy body is sturdy and can withstand regular use. The stainless steel grinding burrs are also durable and designed to endure years of heavy use.

According to 1Zpresso, burrs are expected to last between 100 kg and 200 kg. At my current use rate, that’s about 4 to 8 years! So, I’ll have to update this review if I need to switch the burrs before 2026.

The entire body is extremely solid, and the catch bin is pretty sturdy. It just got a few dents after falling several times.

Overall, the 1Zpresso J-Max is a well-designed and well-built manual coffee grinder. Its premium materials, sleek aesthetics, and durability make it a great choice for any coffee lover.


I compared the 1Zpresso J-Max with my Baratza Encore at home, and the difference in the output quality is outstanding. Moreover, without making a serious effort, I could grind faster with the 1Zpresso J-Max medium to coarse grind sizes than the Baratza Encore.

Since the Baratza Encore definitely performs better on medium to coarse grind sizes, I went to one of my friends’ coffee shops and tried it against a Mazzer Mini.

Finding the sweet spot is more of a workout if you grind more than tiny amounts (I tried with 7g doses to dial in my espresso).

In my experience, the 1Zpresso J-Max produced fluffy and consistent grounds like the Mazzer Mini. Moreover, to the touch, both grounds felt delicate and light.

I performed a mini double-blind tasting with my friends, and we couldn’t find the coffee grounds coming from the 1Zpresso J-Max and the Mazzer Mini.

In short, after testing the 1Zpresso J-Max against advanced and basic espresso grinders, the J-Max is a top-quality grinder for espresso. It really takes serious sensory analysis training to find differences in the aromatic profile, taste, and body in an espresso prepared using the J-Max and the Mazzer Mini.

Let’s now talk about the main factors in performance, such as grinding versatility, consistency, and speed.

Grinding Versatility

The 1Zpresso J-Max offers excellent grinding versatility. It is suitable for various brewing methods, including Aeropress, pour-over, and espresso. The grinder is precise when adjusting the grind size, which is essential for dialing in the perfect espresso shot. However, it’s worth noting that grinding fine takes more time than medium to coarse.

Although 1Zpresso doesn’t recommend the J-Max for anything but espresso, I have had pleasant results with my Aeropress, Hario Switch, and even my pour-overs.

It can produce more fines than the Comandante C40 MK4 and more pour-over-oriented grinders, but the 1Zpresso J-Max produces a clean, intense, complex, and delicious cup every time.

Consistency and Grind Size Distribution

The 1Zpresso J-Max provides consistent grinds, which is crucial for brewing consistent coffee. The grinder’s burrs are well-built and produce uniform grinds, ensuring that each cup of coffee tastes the same.

Moreover, the J-Max has a nearly perfect grind size distribution, with no boulders and a decent amount of fines. This is evident in the cup, particularly when preparing espresso, Aeropress, and using my Fellow Prismo.

The clarity in the cup is outstanding, and I love how it expresses intense notes like fruity, zesty, and even floral, particularly in medium roasts with exotic varietals.

Since the 1Zpresso J-Max is specifically designed and built with espresso in mind, it’s very pleasant -and easier- to grind dark roasts with it.


The 1Zpresso J-Max is not the fastest grinder on the market, but it grinds coffee beans reasonably quickly. Grinding fine takes longer than medium to coarse, which is logical. Overall, the grinder’s speed is adequate for an adequate dose.

I use between 10 gr and 14 gr for espresso, which works well. I’ve never spent longer than a minute and am not the fittest home barista.

Ease of Use


The 1Zpresso J-Max grinder is not the easiest, especially for those with disabilities or weakening conditions. Grinding coffee fine enough for espresso requires a significant amount of strength. However, it is easier to grind dark roasts than light roasts.

The grinder is adjustable, which is a plus. You can adjust the grind size by turning the adjustment knob. The knob is easy to turn and provides good feedback as you adjust. This allows you to get the perfect grind size for your coffee.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the 1Zpresso J-Max grinder is relatively easy. The grinder comes with a brush that you can use to clean the burrs. The burrs are easy to remove, which makes cleaning them a breeze.

The catching bin is magnetic, which can make it difficult to remove. Getting used to removing the bin takes some time without feeling like you’ll drop it. However, after a few months of daily use, removing the bin comfortably and confidently becomes easier.

Overall, the 1Zpresso J-Max grinder is not the easiest grinder to use, but it is adjustable and easy to clean and maintain.

1zpresso jmax carrying case
The 1zpresso JMax includes a carrying case, a cleaning brush, and an air blower

Value for Money

The 1Zpresso J-Max is a premium manual coffee grinder that comes with a premium price tag. However, it is important to consider the value for money that this grinder offers.

One of the main advantages of the J-Max is its high-quality construction. The grinder is made from durable materials, including stainless steel and aluminum, which ensures that it will last for many years. Additionally, the grinder is easy to disassemble and clean, which makes it a low-maintenance option.

Another advantage of the J-Max is its ability to produce consistent, high-quality grinds. The grinder features a stepless grind adjustment system, allowing users to fine-tune their grind size to their preferences. This means that users can achieve the perfect grind for their preferred brewing method, whether that be espresso, drip, or French press.

In terms of value for money, the J-Max is a great investment for serious coffee enthusiasts. While it may be more expensive than some other manual grinders on the market, its high-quality construction and precise grind adjustment make it worthwhile. Additionally, the J-Max is backed by a one-year warranty, providing buyers with added peace of mind.

Overall, the 1Zpresso J-Max offers excellent value for money for those willing to invest in a high-quality manual coffee grinder.

Comparisons with Other Grinders: 1Zpresso J-Max Alternatives

When comparing the 1Zpresso J-Max with other grinders, the Comandante C40 MK4, Timemore Chestnut X Lite, and KINGrinder K6 are the most commonly mentioned.

Comandante C40 MK4

Considered the gold standard of hand coffee grinders, the latest version of the Comandante C40 is a top contender for the 1Zpresso J-Max. The Comandante is more versatile than the J-Max because it produces fewer fines. As a result, I got cleaner cups with pour-overs and immersion methods, getting a lower bitterness.

I borrowed a couple of Comandante C40 MK4 and found that, depending on the roast profile and varietal, the Comandante C40 MK4 can produce between 3 to 8% less fines than the 1Zpresso J-Max.

As a result, the Comandante C40 MK4 is more appropriate for people using a wide range of brewing methods, while the 1Zpresso J-Max is better for espresso, Turkish, and even Aeropress and Moka pot users.

Regarding build quality, the 1Zpresso J-Max is comparable to the Comandante C40 MK4. While I know the Comandante catch bin is very resistant, I can attest the 1Zpresso J-Max is solid AF.

Aesthetically speaking, I prefer the 1Zpresso J-Max metallic finish, but that’s a matter of preference.

Timemore Chestnut X Lite

The Timemore Chestnut X Lite isn’t as elegant as its previous version, the Chestnut X. Yet, compared to the 1Zpresso J-Max, it provides a lighter, more delicate design.

Aesthetically, the 1Zpresso J-Max has a more balanced use of organic and metallic touches, with a wooden knob for the handle, while the Timemore Chestnut X Lite has a plastic knob.

Overall, the 1Zpresso J-Max feels way sturdier because of its metallic construction. The adjustment system is also easier to use because it’s external, while the Timemore Chestnut X has a similar internal adjustment system to the Comandante C40 MK4.

Overall, the Timemore Chestnut X Lite has a better price for a versatile grinder of high quality than the Comandante C40 MK4.

KINGrinder K6

For those on a budget, it’s hard to find something better than the KINGrinder K6 for this price.

Surely, it doesn’t belong to the same league as the 1Zpresso J-Max and the Comandante C40 MK4. But hey, we’ll have a special spot for the underdog, right?

Comparing alternatives, all three grinders are made with high-quality materials built to last. However, the KINGrinder K6 is not as sturdy and durable as the others. Likewise, it isn’t as consistent and versatile as the Timemore Chestnut X Lite and the Comandante C40 MK4.

Yet, against the untrained palate, my coffee-loving friends -not my Q Grader friends- couldn’t find the difference between coffees brewed after using the KINGrinder K6 and the Comandante C40 MK4 most of the time. The Comandante could prove its worth without discussion only when we used the most challenging exotic light and medium roasts.

The KINGrinder K6 worked most of the time for espresso, but it’s more challenging to dial in than the 1Zpresso J-Max.

Final Thoughts: 1Zpresso J-Max Review

Overall, the 1Zpresso J-Max is a solid choice for coffee enthusiasts who want a high-quality manual grinder for espresso. In my experience, it’s the best espresso grinder for this price. No grinder, manual or electric, can provide such grind quality, adjustment range, and precision.

Key Features
1Zpresso J-Max Manual Coffee Grinder
8.5/10 Our Score
  • Stepless adjustments for espresso dial-in
  • Premium body construction and finish
  • High-performance and durable burrs 
  • Excellent price-value relationship
  • Bulky and heavy for a manual grinder

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between 1Zpresso J-Max and JX-Pro?

The 1Zpresso J-Max and JX-Pro are both manual coffee grinders with similar features. However, the J-Max has a larger burr and hopper size, allowing it to grind coffee faster and hold more beans. Additionally, the J-Max has a finer adjustment range, making it more suitable for espresso brewing.

Can the 1Zpresso J-Max be used for pour-over?

Yes, the 1Zpresso J-Max can be used for pour-over brewing methods. Its wide range of grind settings allows users to achieve the desired size for pour-over brewing.

What are the espresso settings for the 1Zpresso J-Max?

The 1Zpresso J-Max has a wide range of grind settings, including espresso settings. Users can adjust the grind size to achieve their espresso shots’ desired extraction time and flavor profile.

How long does it take to grind with the 1Zpresso J-Max?

The time it takes to grind with the 1Zpresso J-Max depends on the grind size and amount of coffee being ground. However, users can expect to grind enough coffee for a single shot of espresso in about 30 seconds.

Is the 1Zpresso J-Max grinder any good?

Yes, the 1Zpresso J-Max grinder is a high-quality manual coffee grinder that produces consistent and uniform grinds. Its durable construction and precise grind settings make it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts.

What is the difference between 1Zpresso K Plus and J-Max?

The 1Zpresso K Plus and J-Max are manual coffee grinders with similar features. However, the K Plus has a smaller burr and hopper size, making it more portable and suitable for travel. On the other hand, the J-Max has a larger burr and hopper size, allowing it to grind coffee faster and hold more beans. Additionally, the J-Max has a finer adjustment range, making it more suitable for espresso brewing.

I fell in love with coffee before I could even read, and my passion for this elixir has shaped my entire life. Through research and learning, I honed my knowledge of specialty coffee and espresso culture by seeking the advice of the most prominent coffee experts and researchers. I have been fortunate enough to meet inspiring individuals, expand my knowledge, and cover exciting coffee-related topics in my writing. My skill in translating complex facts into a reader-friendly style caters to coffee connoisseurs and newbie enthusiasts alike, so everyone can fully appreciate the richness and diversity of the world of coffee.
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