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This is our Barista Warrior pour-over coffee maker set review, a sponsored blog post by Barista Warrior.

Pour-over coffee lovers can enjoy a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee without fuss. Though several pour-over coffee maker sets are available on the market; however, finding one might be tricky.

The Barista Warrior pour-over coffee maker set is among the most appealing options because it includes a beautiful server and a reusable filter. We wrote this Barista Warrior pour-over coffee maker set to help you decide if it’s a good option for you.

Apart from the pour-over set, giving a short intro to the gooseneck kettle from Barista Warrior was a good idea. A gooseneck kettle is critical while brewing a cup of pour-over coffee.

So, let’s start our review!

Is Barista Warrior a good brand?

Barista Warrior is a popular and trusted name. This brand is known for offering high-quality and easy-to-use coffee brewing gear. The Barista Warrior pour-over coffee maker set combines such products, which allows you to make barista-quality coffee at home. In addition, this particular set offers a unique and engaging experience while brewing a cup of coffee.

What does include the Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set?  

Oxo Brew Gooseneck Kettle in this picture.
Using the Barista Warrior pour over coffee maker is a visual pleasure.

The Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set includes a crack-resistant, heat-resistant glass coffee carafe. This kit also includes a highly durable and reusable dual-layered coffee filter. Apart from this, you get an acacia wood coffee scoop.

Pour-Over Filter

Barista warrior reusable filter
The reusable filter is very good and durable. I’ve been using it for months without clogging or deterioration.

The Barista Warrior offers a superior quality pour-over filter made of titanium and coated with stainless steel. The top-notch and highly durable mesh keeps the coffee ground out of brewed coffee. It is available in different colors, including copper, silver, and gold.

Below are the noteworthy features of this pour-over filter


Dishwasher Safe: Unlike the commonly used paper coffee filters, the pour-over filter by the Barista Warrior is reusable. Hence, you can use it multiple times by simply washing it. The filter is well-made, with good construction, and has durable materials. As a result, it’s dishwasher-safe. To descale the filter, you can soak it in warm water and a distilled vinegar solution. 

Eco-Friendly: The high-quality stainless steel filter is eco-friendly, as you no longer need paper filters. Hence, you can help save natural resources by using a stainless steel coffee filter.

Innovative Design: This filter comes with a dual filtration mechanism. Apart from a stainless steel mesh, it also has a laser-cut filter. It releases the authentic taste and flavor of the coffee while restraining the coffee grounds. Still, the filter allows more oils to pass through than paper filters, so it brews a slightly more intense and heavy cup of coffee.  

Silicon Rim: The provision of a silicon rim around the filter makes it a stable pour-over filter. It sits securely on the glass carafe while brewing. 

Compatibility: It is another impressive feature of the pour-over filter by Barista Warrior. It is compatible with various brewing tools and fits other brewing equipment, such as Hario V60 or Chemex.

Glass Carafe Pour-Over Brewer

It’s great to brew several cups. For a single cup is an overkill!

Barista Warrior has also designed a glass carafe pour-over brewer, an integral part of their pour-over kit. The glass carafe is easy to use and gives a nice feel when brewing coffee.

Below, we have briefly discussed the key features of this glass brewer.


Maximum capacity: the glass carafe is suitable for brewing 7 cups of coffee. The generous size allows you to brew coffee for the whole family. 

High-end construction: it’s made of Borosilicate glass, a durable and lightweight material. Besides, the glass used is BPA-free, offering you a safe and delicious cup of coffee.  

Heat-resistant handle: its heat-resistant handle is a perfect companion for this barista warrior pour-over coffee maker set. You can handle it without any fear of getting your hands burned. Also, the ergonomically designed handle offers a comfortable and secure grip. 

Acacia scoop with coffee beans and a black container
The acacia scoop included is a fantastic addition.

Gooseneck Kettle: A Perfect Addition to the Kit 

Although a gooseneck kettle doesn’tdoesn’t come with the pour-over coffee maker kit, we recommend it for pour-over coffee enthusiasts. This is so, as this kettle’skettle’s intuitive design helps distribute water evenly over the coffee grounds. It helps to saturate the coffee grounds thoroughly and allows a good extraction of taste and flavors. So, you always get the same taste and aroma when brewing your favorite cup of coffee.

Here are the main features of this kettle:


Well-thought design: this kettle is quite different from regular kettles, as it has a designed neck that appears like a gooseneck. It efficiently and effectively pours hot water on the coffee grounds. Apart from precise water flow, the ergonomic handle makes pouring water slowly and consistently easy.

Durability: the Barista Warrior gooseneck kettle is durable because it’s made of stainless steel. Due to its sturdy construction, it will serve you for years to come. 

Thermometer: water temperature plays a critical role in brewing maximum flavor out of grounded coffee. The Barista Warrior gooseneck kettle has a thermometer to let you boil water to the required temperature. The thermometer is on the lid, making it easy to track the temperature.

If you’re curious about gooseneck kettles, read our buying guide for the best gooseneck kettles.

Why Choose Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

Our Barista Warrior pour-over coffee maker set review will be complete once we discuss the prominent reasons for buying this product. 

Here are a few of these: 

  • It allows you to make a perfect pour-over coffee
  • BPA-free glass material 
  • Easy to clean
  • This pour-over coffee maker kit won’t take much storage space
  • Reusable and food-safe metal pour-over filter
  • Acacia wood coffee scoop
  • Affordable 
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee 

Final Words 

With the right ingredients and appropriate tools, it is possible to make great pour-over coffee. That’s why a well-designed and high-quality pour-over coffee maker set is an excellent addition to your coffee gear. This is why we have created this Barista Warrior pour-over coffee maker set review. 

Overall, this pour-over brewing equipment by Barista Warrior performs the task for which it was built. The items included in this kit are high-quality, durable, and look good.

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