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Did you know that a breve coffee is made with half-and-half instead of whole milk? This means the espresso has more room to move and it makes for a richer, creamier cup.

For those who enjoy a creamy, heavy coffee drink in the morning or as a dessert, this might be your perfect drink! It’s also great as an after-dinner treat or when you want something sweet without all the calories.

To learn more about this American espresso drink, keep reading!

What is the difference between a latte and a breve?

When comparing a breve to a caffè latte, the difference is in the dairy used. While a caffè breve has half-and-half caffè latte has milk.

The drink construction is similar is almost the same for a latte and a breve, and the espresso to dairy ratio depends on the coffee shop. Still, is quite common to find a 6:1 milk-to-espresso ratio as a reference.

Because of half-and-half, the breve is heavier and fattier than a whole-milk latte. This makes it a treat on its own. Additionally, it’s slightly different to froth half-and-half properly with an espresso machine wand.

Why is it called breve?

Breve isn’t as creamy as a Dalgona coffee, but it’s a treat in itself. Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash

Breve is the Italian word for short, brief, little, or concise. You can ask this espresso drink as a breve, breve coffee, caffè breve, and even latte breve.

Coffee shops serve 16 oz breves, so the size doesn’t have anything to do with its name. As an Americanized version of a latte, it might simply refer to its thinner layer of foam, which makes it a bit shorter than a traditional caffè latte.

What Does a Breve Coffee Taste Like?

A breve latte is sweet without adding sugar or sweeteners, because of milk cream. In this regard, it tastes similar to a latte, with a heavier body, and milky sweetness.

Breve fans like to take it as a treat or a dessert. For this reason, some add sweet syrups like caramel or chocolate.

The combination of cinnamon and half-and-half sweetness makes it a good add-on for the breve as well.

Who is a Breve Coffee For?

This coffee that contains more cholesterol and fat might not be suitable for some diets because of the cream content. It is believed to already taste rich, so it does not need added sugars or sweeteners by many breve drinkers.

An active lifestyle might go well with it, although half-and-half doesn’t seem like a good thing to have in our everyday diet.

Overall, a breve is a dessert in itself, and it’s a great alternative for a morning espresso drink.

It’s not definitely for people who want to reduce their calories intake or want to reduce their dairy consumption.

What is a breve at Starbucks?

Starbucks isn’t currently displaying breve on their menu, but if they have cream, you can ask for a breve latte. It’s quite likely that your barista will know how to make it.

Espresso con panna is part of Starbucks’ regular menu, and it’s an espresso topped with whipped cream. It can be a good option for those who want a sweet espresso drink with less dairy in it.

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